About Us

In the mid-nineties, while attending our annual pet supply show, we met the owner / distributor of an herbal company for pets. Because my wife was currently studying to be a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, these remedies intrigued us and we felt they would be a good fit in our natural pet food store, Healthy Paws Pet Nutrition Centre.

After selling the remedies for a few years with great success, we had the opportunity to purchase the company. Since that time we have expanded the business, selling to individuals and holistically minded veterinarians and pet food stores throughout the U.S., Canada, and internationally.

Mike McKegney, co-owner, Nature‚Äôs Herbs for Pets™

Lee Bothamley R.N., D.C.M., R.TCMP, R.Ac, Registered Practitioner of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

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