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Safe and effective alternative for runny eyes & nose, sneezing, breathing difficulties, etc. due to environmental allergies (pollens, moulds, chemicals, etc.). May be used preventively. A treatment course is 15 days.

Main Ingredients: Baical skullcap root, Centipeda, cocklebur fruit, Ledebouriella root, Licorice root, Magnolia flower (plus for cats Milk-vetch root, Schisandra fruit, Szechuan lovage root).

Dogs Cats
30 pills $24.99 15 pills $20.99
150 pills $112.49 75 pills $94.49


Good before any stressful event - visit to veterinarian/groomer, being shown/boarded, moving, and for correcting behavior problems. This is not a sedative, but a balancing formula to lessen anxiety. Takes effect in only 30 minutes and pets remain alert, yet calm.

Main Ingredients: Anamarrhena, China root, Indigofera neopolygaloides, Arborvitae twig, Licorice root rhizome, Ophiogogon ruber, Sour jujube seed (cats: Chinese angelica root, Codonopsis , Dried ginger rhizome, ) (dogs: Schisandra, White atractylodes).

Dogs Cats
40 pills $16.99 40pills $16.99
200 pills $76.49 200 pills $76.49


Beneficial for many eye conditions - eye infections/inflammation, double/blurred vision, dry eyes (non-tearing), conjunctivitis, failing eyesight, dilatation of pupils, cloudy eyes, etc. For minor conditions, a treatment course is 1 week and for more serious/chronic problems, a treatment course is 3-4 weeks. It can be repeated as necessary.

Main Ingredients: Polygonatum, American Ginseng root, Lycium fruit, Cicadae sclerotium, Dendrobium, Cassia seed, Siler, Chrysanthemum, Rehmannia, Vespertillionidae, Cornus fruit, White peony.

Dogs Cats
60 pills $22.49 60 pills $22.49
300 pills $101.49 300 pills $101.99


Gently stimulates the digestion to normalize bowel function. This is not a harsh laxative. A treatment course is 7 days.

Main Ingredients: Chinese angelica root, Peach kernel, Rhubarb root (cats: Broomrape, Trifoliate orange) (dogs: Cassia).

Dogs Cats
30 pills $14.99 20pills $14.99
150 pills $67.49 100 pills $67.49


For gum inflammations and tartar. Not recommended for puppies or kittens.

Main Ingredients: Herba Asari, Radix Zanthoxyli, Radix Notoginseng, Polistes Mandarinus.

Dogs Cats
60 pills $32.99 60 pills $32.99


This is a great remedy for enhancing the immune system, cleansing the liver (releases toxins from anesthetics, steroids and other drugs), and enhancing general health. A treatment course is 30 days.

Main Ingredients: Barley sprout, China root, Chinese foxglove, Ginseng root, Hawthorn fruit, Licorice root rhizome, White atractylodes (dogs: Schisandra root).

Dogs Cats
100 pills $35.99 60pills $20.99
500 pills $161.99 300 pills $94.49


Improves digestion, reduces intestinal inflammation and normalizes fluid balance in small and large intestines. Takes effect usually in 2-3 hours. Give as needed (as per dosage guidelines).

Main Ingredients: Coptis rhizome, Costus root (cats: gorgon fruit, Japanese honeysuckle) (dogs: Bloodwort root, Chinese anemone root).

Dogs Cats
40 pills $22.49 40 pills $22.49
200 pills $101.49 200 pills $101.49


Good digestion means good health. This formula stimulates the gall bladder to improve digestive function. Great for temporary digestive upset or for weak digestive systems. A treatment course is 7 days.

Main Ingredients: Barley sprouts, China root, Codonopsis root, Dried chicken gizzard, Hawthorn fruit, Tangerine peel, White atractylodes (cats: Microcos paniculata, Trifoliate orange) (dogs: Chinese yam, Dried ginger, Vigna cylindrica).

Dogs Cats
60 pills $19.99 60 pills $19.99
300 pills $89.99 300 pills $89.99


Promotes good digestion for relief of intestinal gas and spasms. A treatment course is 5 days.

Main Ingredients: China root, Coptis rhizome, Hawthorn fruit, Medicated leaven, Radish seed, Tangerine peel, White atractylodes, Katsumanda's galangal seeds (dogs only) (plus for cats Cardamon, Mume fruit).

Dogs Cats
50 pills $17.99 30 pills $13.99
250 pills $79.99 150 pills $62.99

HEAT RELIEF - (Dogs Only)

This remedy is for dogs who appear hot even in cooler weather with excessive panting, restlessness, thirst and a red tongue. A treatment course is 2 days and may be repeated as long as heat symptoms are present.

Main Ingredients: Anamarrhena rhizome, Watermelon, Asprella root.

30 pills $13.99


Contains herbs known to have anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Will not upset digestive balance or build up resistance like antibiotics can. Give for 10 - 14 days.

Main Ingredients: Isatis root, Oldenlandia, Green Chiretta, Seleginella.

Cats and Dogs
40 pills $26.99
200 pills $121.99


This formula is designed for the dog or cat with cancer. It contains herbs to detoxify the body while improving the overall vitality of the pet and enhancing the immune system. It will be most effective if used soon after diagnosis is made and along with a natural or organic food. For best results, combine with the Rejuvenation Tonic.

Main Ingredients: Oldenlandia, Green Chiretta, Notoginseng.

Dogs Cats
90 pills $51.99 60 pills $38.99
450 pills $239.99 300 pills $175.99


This is a great first-aid remedy for any strain, sprain, pulled muscles, torn ligament, bruising or broken bones. It improves circulation, dissolves blood clots and is an excellent choice for recuperation from surgery. A treatment course is 2 weeks.

Main Ingredients: Chinese angelica root, Dragon's blood resin, Myrrh, Nogoginseng root, Safflower root.

Dogs Cats
60 pills $30.99 30 pills $18.99
300 pills $139.49 150 pills $85.49


Relieves red, itchy and inflamed skin and promotes healing. For food allergies, use with Gas Relief formula. A treatment course is 4-5 weeks.

Main Ingredients: Black atractylodes rhizome, China root, Chinese angelica root, Chinese foxglove root, Cnidium seeds, Dictamnus root bark, Ginseng root, Ledebouriella root, Sophora root (dogs Baical skullcap root, Caltrop fruit, Dictamnus root bark, Forsythia root, Honeysuckle flower, White peony root) (cats Licorice root rhizome, Astragalus, Chrysamthemum flower).

Cats and Dogs
40 pills $27.99
200 pills $125.99


Reduces pain and inflammation of arthritis ,rheumatism, bursitis, hip dysplasia and other joint/disc problems. For increased effectiveness, use with our Rejuvenation Tonic. A treatment course is 3 months for dogs and 2 months for cats. May be given long term with 1 week break between courses.

Main Ingredients: Dogs - Achrysanthes root, Chinese prickly ash, Day lily, Eucommia bark, Futokadsura stem, Honeysuckle flower, Millettia root & vine, Piper hancei, Cats – Chinese angelica root, Chinese clematis root, Dragon's blood resin, Homalomena rhizome, Japanese yam, Lily bulb, Myrrh, Notoginseng root, Safflower flower.

Dogs Cats
90 pills $36.99 60 pills $24.99
450 pills $166.49 300 pills $112.49


This remedy can be given the evening before and the morning of travelling. It prevents nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Can be used along with the Calming Formula for anxiety and panting along with the motion sickness.

Main Ingredients: Cardamon, Dried ginger, Tangerine peel (cats: Angelica root, Black atractylodes rhizome, Condonopsis root, Katsumada's galangal seeds, Dry fried licorice root, Magnolia bark, Szechuan lovage root) (dogs: China root, Job's tears seeds, Pinellia rhizome, Rhorowax root, Yinehcnhao shoots).

Dogs Cats
100 pills $31.99 50 pills $16.99
500 pills $143.99 250 pills $72.99


Kills parasites safely as an alternative to chemical de-wormers.. Strengthens digestive system to discourage further infestations. For all types of intestinal parasites. A treatment course is 1 month will follow-up treatment of 7 days per month if needed.

Main Ingredients: Costus root, Melia root bark, Coptis rhizome.

Dogs Cats
120pills $36.99 60 pills $19.99
600 pills $165.99 300 pills $89.99


This formula promotes blood flow and relieves pain from any injury, surgery, or debilitating illness (arthritis, etc.). It can be used as needed for a maximum of 3 days. Dosage: Dog under 60lbs. - 1 pill daily, over 60 lbs. - 2 pills daily.

Main Ingredients: Zanthoxylum, Corydalis, Paris Polyphylla and Panix Notoginseg.

Dogs Cats
40 pills $30.99 20 pills $15.99


This is a great tonic for any senior or less active pet. It improves appetite, digestion, organ function and enhances the immune system. Use for minimum of 1 month and may be used long term.

Main Ingredients: Astragalus root, Codonopsis root, Fleeceflower root, Ginseng root, Schisandra fruit (cats: Chinese angelica root, Chinese yam, Dried ginger rhizome, Siberian solomon sel rhizome) (dogs: Chinese foxglove root, Chinese wolfberry fruit, Licorice root, Ophiopogon ruber, Privet fruit).

Dogs Cats
100 pills $31.99 60 pills $19.99
500 pills $143.99 300 pills $89.99


Eases breathing, reduces mucous production and clears it from the lungs. Effective for coughs, asthma and other respiratory difficulties. After symptoms lessen, use for 7 additional days.

Main Ingredients: Pinellia rhizome, Armenica seed, Platycodon root, Fritillaria, Mori cortex, Rhododendron.

Dogs Cats
60 pills $25.99 60 pills $24.99
300 pills $116.99 300 pills $112.49


Helps improve digestion to assist with weight loss. Must be used in conjunction with high quality food (preferably high protein, low grain/carbohydrate, low fat) for maximum effectiveness. Use for 1 month minimum and longer if needed.

Main Ingredients: Salvia root, Green Tea leaf, Hawthorne Fruit.

Dogs Cats
90 pills $33.99 60 pills $23.99
450 pills $152.99 300 pills $107.99


Helps pets with underactive thryoids to achieve better thyroid function. For cats and dogs that are sluggish, have poor hair coat, are cold and sleek and tend to be overweight.

Main Ingredients: Cimicifuga, Astragalus, Bupleurum, Rehmannia.

Dogs Cats
90 pills $28.99 90 pills $28.99
450 pills $130.49 450 pills $130.49


Helps balance the thyroid function in pets with overactive thyroids. These pets may be hyperactive, excessively thirsty & hungry, hot and may pant.

Main Ingredients: Kelp, Sargassum, Phellodendron, Anemarrhena Rhizome.

Dogs Cats
90 pills $28.99 90 pills $28.99
450 pills $130.49 450 pills $130.49


Breaks down small crystals and clears kidney and bladder infections and inflammation. Can also be used as a preventative for chronic problems with crystals and infection. This is a safe alternative to antibiotics. A treatment course is 15 days for infection and 6-8 weeks for crystals and more stubborn cases. This remedy can be used long term with a 1 week break between courses.

Main Ingredients: Dendrobium, Honeysuckle flower, Japanese fern, Psrossia leaves (cats:Lysimachia) (dogs: Cape jasmine fruit, Chinese pink dianthus).

Dogs Cats
60 pills $24.99 30 pills $19.99
300 pills $112.49 150 pills $89.99
*Do not give these formulas to pregnant pets* Please give Nature's Herbs 1 hour apart from any medications to ensure proper absorption. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments info@naturespetherbs.com
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