The following are excerpts taken from letters received about our products.

I want to share with you how pleased I am with your DIARRHEA RELIEF product. After three months of antibiotics, dewormers, other parasite treatment, several attempts at change of diet, loperamide and homeopathy, pumpkin, probiotics and nightly internet searching — all to no avail — i came across your site. i have used chinese herbs, for myself, for the last 25 years but it never occurred to me to provide it to my animals. DUH! Honestly, after all of the above i did not have high expectations and really was ready to accept that my, formerly, stray cat was going to have chronic diarrhea.

After just three days (and after all else had failed and I had ceased using anything else) I saw my cat have a normal bowel movement. I never thought I would cheer such an event but I did! I am now recommending it to friends and am looking into other of your products for my older cat. THANK YOU!


I rarely comment online regarding any products, but after 1 1/2 years of giving my 3 yearold rottie (Tundra) a regular schedule of rimadyl and various other "support drugs" prescribed by our vet, I was desperate to find an alternative for her. A friend suggested I try Nature's Herbs for Pets™. I'll admit I was skeptical, but after 2 weeks, she has improved dramatically, is off her support drugs, and I'm very happy to say shes on her way to being rimadyl free. Thank you so much for the incredible results after only two weeks! Tundra sends her thanks as well!


I wanted to let you know how very well our 10 year old Standard Poodle, Jacques, has responded to the JOINT RELIEF medication. After approximately 11 days of taking the pills twice daily, Jacques is running around at the dog park – bugging other dogs and getting them to play. He is also not content to just lay down and sleep after his breakfast, rather he wants to go back out into our yard with our 3 year old Goldendoodle to play again for a while. For the past year or two, after walking around the park once or twice, Jacques had been sitting at the gate of the dog park waiting to go home. The other dog owners (3 or 4) at the park when we visit each morning, are commenting on the change and marvelling at the revitalized dog.

We are very thankful for your help and recommendation.

BarbaraAnn Arnold
Sarnia, ON.

I would like to give you a little history; I breed and show bengal cats. I have for 8 years, and have dealt with diahhrea off and on for this time. We finally had a severe case of dripping diarrhea in a hand fed kitten (4 months started dripping). We tested for everything; positive for tri trichomonous, giardia, clostridium. We successfully treated for all conditions in the whole cattery, and are now free of parasites. All cats/kittens were tested. Unfortunately, the one kitten who had all the issues, was still dripping off and on. The vet wanted us to go onto a low residue prescription diet, but it was all grains, so I decided to go with what the bengal list suggested, and moved to a grain free diet. Also as a last resort I purchased your DIAHRREA RELIEF from a local pet food store. Anything to give this little one some relief. I'm hoping down the road she will be a breeder.

Anyhow, your pills worked wonderful. We gave her the kitten dosage since she's still only 8 months old and small. She stops dripping as long as we keep her on the pills.

Kelly Hayton
Fraser Valley Bengals

I just wanted to let you know that your "CAT REJUVENATION TONIC" saved my 2 old cats lives. My cats are ages 15 and 16 years old and they had eaten some of the food with melamine in it. They became lethargic and would not eat. I bought your pills and kept giving them to them 2 times a day. I believe that was in May and they seem to have recovered and are eating and back to being themselves!!! Thank you. I tell others about your products, but am sad to say that most veterinarians are not interested (shame on them). Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Beth M.

JOINT RELIEF Product: This stuff is truly amazing! I have a 17 year old cat with a slipped disc. About 6 months ago she started having trouble walking and jumping onto even low surfaces, and you could tell she was in significant pain (she even tinkled on herself a time or two). I actually started a mourning process because I didn't think there was any way she could make it another 6 months, and I was worried I was going to have to put her to sleep. I hated seeing her in pain, but I had just finished grad school and was flat broke, and I didn't want to put her to sleep just because I couldn't afford to do much else for her. So, I went online to see what natural, less-expensive remedies I could find. I took a chance and ordered this product, and my belief in the near immortality of my cat has returned!

She is her usual self again, doesn't seem to be in pain, and now it's ME who worries about her jumping on/off things, not her. Thank you Nature's Herbs For Pets™, from both myself and my cat. This product has quite literally been a lifesaver! (a tip you may want to suggest: buy soft cat treats and squish one around the pill to administer, because the pills are these hard balls that can't be broken up or disolved - if you're lucky they'll just gobble it up, otherwise you risk losing fingers...)

Elizabeth H. Hardy

Thanks, Mike

I recently purchased your DETOX FORMULA for my Terrier Mix dog named Dakota of approximately 12 years of age (age not exact because I got him as a rescue 11 years ago and I love this dog to death). He had bloated up quite badly so I took him to my vet and after blood tests and x-rays it was determined that he has an enlarged liver and likely liver disease of some sort. Would need to do a biopsy to be certain which I'm not prepared to do.

Anyway, I decided to search out a natural product and found your product at the pet store in Wortley Village here in London. I started to use the product as prescribed (2 pills once daily) and within 4 days the bloat diminished amazingly so. He is so much more comfortable now that the terrible bloat is gone.

Thank you so much for your great product.

Amy Stoner & Dakota
London, Ontario


Several months ago I contacted you via your website because my 9 year old Lhasa Apso had been having severe bladder problems (she had to have 3 operations in less than 2 years to remove stones). I was asking you about using your Urinary Relief pills. You called me back right after I sent the email and suggested that I change her diet and start using Innova dry dog food, along with the URINARY RELIEF.

Well, I am pleased to say that Zoe is doing so much better, it is almost unbelievable. I started her on the dry food gradually just over a month ago, and am giving her the herb once a day. She seems to be happier, healthier and is more playful than she's been in a long time.
I took her to the vet for her annual shots a month ago. I told him that I was putting her on the herb, and he was of course skeptical, but said that since it seemed to be just herbs "it should be alright to give to her". I didn't think he could handle me telling him that I had taken her off the vet food and was giving her a more natural food product.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you very much for your help. Zoe and I are much happier and healthier now.

Regards, Jackie Bartlett - Ontario, Canada

I am the proud owner, of a 9 year old purebred Collie. She has been walked 4 miles everyday since she was old enough to do it.No matter what the weather, we can be seen enjoying our walks. I noticed that she was starting to experience some difficulty with getting up, doing the stairs,and our long walks. She's been on a vet recommended Glucosamine product for couple of years now. Noticing the problem worsening, I was at a loss as of what to do. So I connected with Mike over at Healthy Paws, explained the problem, and he recommended JOINT RELIEF.

I started April, my collie on this treatment about 2 weeks ago, what a difference. She trots happily on our walks again, ears up and tail wagging. She goes up and down the stairs with greater ease and gets up from a laying position easier too.I'm really pleased with the results and in such a short time frame. Thank You Mike, we really appreciate your advice and help.

Georgette M.J. Parsons and April

I can’t thank you enough! My 5 month old Pomeranian Harley had the worse case of Giardia and your PARASITE RELIEF helped him safely.

I brought Harley to a well known veterinarian; of course, your pet is your baby. I had to make sure he would be in good hands?..So I thought?! The Vet gave me some medication to give him and told me it would take 5 days to cure and he gave me special food as well. Well being a new puppy mom I did not think twice about it. I wanted to help him? So I bought all the stuff from the vet ...$250.00 dollars later......(for my puppy I could not put a price on making him happy)...I went home and gave him the medication and special food and needless to say he got so sick, and he hated the food. I called the vet and he told me to bring him back in and he will change the meds. This time a $60.00 visit.... I went home the next day I gave him the other meds and he got sick again? Harley was getting worse. Then the third time I did a search on the Internet on the third medication he gave me. And I need to remind you I had asked it there are any side affects. Well...I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE SIDE AFFECTS. There was no way I was giving my puppy this?... I brought it right back and asked for my money back for the medication and that was the last time.

At this point I was really upset, I was poisoning my puppy. I could not do this to him anymore. So one day a co worker saw how distraught I was for weeks he asked me what was the matter and I told him the story. Well is so happens that a friend of his owns a pet store and she told me of PARASITE RELIEF. I did not hesitate and purchased your PARASITE RELIEF and it worked WONDERS for him and it was so safe.

I could not thank you enough for making us so happy. We finally got to enjoy Puppy Hood! I recommended your products to everyone I meet. Thank you Natures Herbs for Pets™

Rae and Harley, United States

I have a wonderful 2 year old Miniature Schnauzer named Daisy. In early March 2005, Daisys bladder suddenly became completely blocked. I rushed her into the vet clinic where they operated on her and took out 30 to 40 bladder stones. She was a very sick puppy afterwards, fighting infections and urinary crystals. She was on several antibiotics but they just did not do the trick. I was so discouraged as I watched my young dog lose her energy and interest in her daily walks. She was obviously uncomfortable and in some pain.

A neighbour who also owned a female mini Schnauzer who had experienced the same problem two years ago heard about my problems with Daisys health. She suggested your URINARY RELIEF tablets which had done amazing things for her dog. Her puppy had not had an infection or a crystal in two years! I was so excited to think that they could do the same for Daisy. I ordered the tablets immediately. Within two and a half weeks of taking the herbs, Daisys vet found NO crystals at all in her urine! The vet was amazed at the rapid change in her urine levels. Daisy once again was showing an interest in playing and walking around the neighbourhood as she used to do before the surgery.

I am thrilled beyond words to see my little girl happy and healthy again. Thank you so much!

Joan Bowden, Southampton, Ontario

After using your DIARRHEA FORMULA for a few days, I found my dog to feel better and with a definite improvement in her intestinal discomfort. She has been on various medications over the years and if I can keep her feeling better on natural herbs, I will most definitely continue with them.

Justine Demarkey, Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Two weeks ago my cat came down with a bladder problem - she was having trouble urinating and was in considerable pain. The vet did x-rays and a urinalysis which showed crystals in her bladder. The vet suggested I put her on their 'special food' (very expensive) and on antibiotics. I did neither of these things. I talked to you and you recommended the URINARY RELIEF herbs for urinary tract infections. You also suggested I put Vitamin C in her food. I kept her off the dry food.

By the second day, she was no longer crying when she went to the bathroom. By the 5th day, you would never know there had been anything wrong with her! I have continued with 2 pills a day for 15 days. Now I will give her 1 pill a day for the next month. I thank you very much for your sound advice.

Kathy Hay, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Today is the fourth day of using your ARTHRITIS TREATMENT on our 14 ½ year old Sheltie. He had extreme difficulty in walking up and down the stairs, when he wanted to rest, he simply collapsed on the floor.

We noticed results within three days of your treatment. His is able to climb the stairs easier and does not 'plop' himself down. If your product has done this much in such a short time, I can hardly imagine what he will be like in one month! Miraculous is a good word to describe its ability to cure.

Michael and Lucy Smout, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Three years ago we adopted a seven year old cocker spaniel who usually howled whenever she was left alone at home. We were reluctant to give her medication because of toxicity and we did not want a 'doped up dog'.

After lots of research, we discovered the 'Healing Herbs for Pets' and ordered the CALMING FORMULA. Admittedly, we were skeptical. I am very pleased to share that this product has completely helped our dog cope with being home alone. Since there are other tenants in the house, it has been verified that her behavior is 'perfect'. She remains calm but alert and there are no adverse side effects. It has also been tremendously beneficial during thunderstorms. Within 30 minutes, her restlessness, shaking and panting cease and she is able to lie calmly by the bed. We are totally grateful that quality products such as these exist for our pets. We will not hesitate in recommending your products to our friends and anyone else who will listen.

Stevi Urben, Markham, Ontario, Canada

We have a 9 year old male Golden Retriever with hip dysplasia, bone spurs in the neck and spine problems. He moves slowly even with expensive medicine from our vet.

When my sister-in-law appeared with the ARTHRITIS FORMULA, I asked her who sold her this bill of goods as I didn't believe it would help.

I must say that I was mistaken because after only 2 weeks we noticed a big difference, and better still, no vet medication! He has been on the tablets for 6 weeks now and he acts like a 2 year old dog. This morning he greeted a neighbour while fetching the newspaper and she told me 'what a frisky puppy'. If she only knew his age. I thought you might like to pass this info on to others.

Roger La Forge, Florida

I am the proud owner of a standard schnauzer named Winston who is my best friend and long time walking partner. We heard a strange yelp from him a year and a half ago - he seemed to have lost strength in his back leg. We rushed him to the vet and after many x-rays and three different vet's opinions, no one could determine the problem - maybe arthritis, maybe stretched tendon. They gave him Metacam which helped him somewhat, but he could only manage to get around the house but could not put much weight on his leg. Stairs became impossible.

After doing much research, I decided to give the natural approach a try. Much to my surprise, after two months of your ARTHRITIS FORMULA and Innova Senior Dog food, we noticed a marked improvement. He can now get around and is putting weight on his leg. We are now starting to take him for walks again.

I am very pleased with his improvement. I would suggest that anyone should at least try this route.

Judy Boucher & Winston, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for coming to our rescue so promptly - from so far away! Pagan, my 13 year old miniature French Poodle, had been diagnosed with early onset kidney failure. I was completely and utterly devastated, as Pagan is the love of my life.

Thanks to your advice and the wonderful Chinese herbs for kidney/bladder and the change of diet, he has responded wonderfully. We no longer have incontinence or leaks, which embarassed him terribly, and he is back to his bouncy self again. More importantly, I feel confident within myself that something very good is going on inside Pagan! Thank you again for all your care and support. You are our new best friends!

Zena Brandreth & Pagan, Magaliessig, South Africa

I have an 8 year old cocker spaniel who recently underwent anterior cruciate ligament (knee) surgery. I started her on the JOINT RELIEF formula within 1 week and she immediately began walking with that leg! It has been 5 weeks and she has been running on it to the utter amazement of the veterinarians. Her vet said that most dogs who have that surgery are just now beginning to put their toes to the ground. Thanks so much for making my dog heal so fast!

Deborah, Wilmington, North Carolina

I have an 11 year old Shi-tzu named Puff. She has suffered from a dislocated knee 3 times since I got her at 4 years old. The first time, Metacam was used which I felt just masked the symptoms. The second episode occurred this past winter with much more severity. Her leg was in such a bad muscle spasm that even under anesthetic, the leg could not be straightened out. I was told she might need knee replacement surgery, but first more Metacam and steroid shots.

I went to see Mike at Healthy Paws on a friend's recommendation where he told me about Chinese herbs for JOINT RELIEF. By this time, Puff's leg was improving on its own, so the pills went in the cupboard for 3 months and were forgotten until 3 days ago.

Once again, the knee had popped out and was in spasm. I remembered I had the pills and gave one to Puff that first morning and went to work. When I got home that night, the leg was stiff but straightened out already!. The next evening, after a second pill, she was putting weight on her leg and negotiating stairs.

It is now only the third day and although some stiffness remains, she is running around like her old self. I will now give Puff a pill every other day as a preventative. I am a firm believer that these herbs work! Thanks Mike.

Tanya Pether, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

I have an 8 year female yellow labrador retriever. When she was 3 years we didn't know what was wrong with her. She would start licking, biting her feet and scratching. I thought it might have been allergies because it seemed to start when my own hayfever started. Between myself, vets, and specialists we did determine it was hayfever she had. We have shared allergy pills in the past. They really haven't done a whole lot for her. She would be awake most of the night licking and biting at her feet. None of us really got much sleep. The vet tried her on a steroid but all that did was really make her groggy and pee a lot and bulk her up. Labs can put weight on so easily. When she was on the steroids she got a little "chubby". It was horrible seeing her this groggy & chubby. We tried everything.

One day I was doing a search on the internet and found the website for Healthy Paws, I entered the site and found a herb there called ALLERGY RELIEF, I'll admit I was hesitant at first as nothing has worked for Brandy up to this point, my goodness after the 1st day being on the allergy relief I noticed a big difference, she's been on them for about 1 week now she sleeps well at night along with everyone else she doesn't lick, bite chew or scratch during the day anymore, I give her the pill after her supper so we can all have a good sleep, to me the ALLERGY RELIEF pill is like a magic pill, it gives Brandy so much relief she is more relaxed during this allergy season than I have ever seen her. Definitely a good purchase for dogs with allergies, the results are amazing.

Catherine Barrett, Burlington, Ontario Canada

My cat went on the DETOX FORMULA, then has been on the BIOTIC and Moducare for several weeks now. The ear oil worked fabulously as well. To refresh your memory, I'd written to you about her rare brand of bartonella disease that baffled all the vets around here. They'd unknowingly (and certainly unintentionally) almost killed her with so many antibiotics... I am so glad I found your website and products. My 19 year old cat has fully recovered AND she shows NOT ONE SYMPTOM of the disease that gave her trouble for two years. Amazing that, at age 19, she is back to her old self and so incredibly healthy and happy now.

Thank you so much for advice and for having such wonderful products for our animal friends. My cat is "my baby" and I felt like I almost lost her. At least now, when her time comes, I feel it will be more natural, from old age, and not from some horrible problem. This was my goal for her.
I am sending two or three of my pet-lover friends to your site, and I highly recommend your products.

Angela Cravens, Greenville, South Carolina

I am sending this message to let you know of the success we have had with your CLEAR VISION herbal product. One of our dogs is a 12 year old Schipperke male. He had developed a mysterious eye condition that had continued to worsen (despite repeated visists to his vet) to the point where his left eye was completely and totally cloudy. It was solid white.

After putting him on your product for 30 days we can report that his eye is now almost completely back to normal and bright. Its like a miracle.
We can't thank you enough. Same goes for Pepper!

Tom Gallagher, Cincinnati, Ohio

The veterinarian I go to gave me something for Buddy, my dog, last year, which really did not help him at all. I went to the Pet Store in Elmira, Ontario, and the saleslady there said to try the JOINT RELIEF by Dr. Victor Tse, as she said it helped her dog very much, she almost guaranteed it. I thought I would try it as it is guaranteed or your money refunded.

First of all, Buddy, who is 8 years old, could hardly walk on his right leg, especially in the morning or from getting from a laying position. It was getting worse and he was actually holding his leg up, so he would not have to walk on it. He was getting crabby and very touchy and did not even want to play anymore. He would not go up the stairs anymore as it hurt him so bad.

Well, after the second pill, believe it or not, he was walking on his leg, the limp was just about gone and he was getting playful again. It was really hard to believe. He is even going up and down the stairs now, playing with the cat, and with his toys. We have a big fenced in yard and he goes around it a couple of times a day and is even chasing the squirrels and rabbits. He is still on his first month's dose and I would recommend it to anyone whose dog has arthritis or the start of it. My husband and I said, it is too bad they do not have something like that for people, it would be great. It was just unbelievable how it worked so fast for my Buddy. I sure would be willing to try your other products without hesitation.

Shirley Bard, Heidelberg, Ontario

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